Teeth in an Hour

"TEETH IN AN HOUR" is a revolutionary method of making it possible for patients to have full funtioning teeth on immediately placed dental implants which are done in one singe procedure that lasts about an hour.

Nobel Biocare has recently developed this technology, and allows both the dentist, prosthodontist, and surgeon to work together. In our office, Dr. Walrond designs the surgery, places the implants, and restores the patients teeth in one visit. This method provides increased safety, but also an even more precise implant placement. With this treatment modality, the final prosthesis is fabricated and completed prior to the surgery. The computer-guided implant surgery is done in a manner that requires no flaps to be reflected. This is a great benefit for the patient because there is less post operative discomfort, less swelling, and less bruising. Patients usually resume their normal activities the next day.

The process is initiated when the patient has a CT scan taken of their upper and lower jawbones. The scan is then integrated into the Nobel Biocare Software which allows Dr. Walrond to generate a 3-D model of the area to be treated. A virtual reality plan of the implant placement is constructed without the presence of the patient. This plan is then sent to Sweden for a surgical stent to be fabricated. Upon return of the stent, the patient presents for surgery and the implants are placed exactly as designed in the software. This results in a much more accurate implant placement and much less chairtime and healing time for the patient.

Dr. Walrond is one of only a small number of dentists and surgeons in NC to be trained in this procedure. To find out if you are a candidate for "TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR" please contact Dr. Walrond's office at 336-674-2328.